Health tourism

A hundred years ago, Crikvenica’s potential was recognized by European guests who started visiting this area in search for a place for rest and recuperation. Because of its extremely favourable climate of mild winters and moderate warm summers, favourable air currents, a mix of sea and mountain air, clean air rich in aerosols and coves with clean and shallow waters, in 1906 Crikvenica was proclaimed a health sea bathing resort.

Sport activities

Crikvenica Riviera offers an abundance of sport activities in the sea and on land.

Natural wonders, excursions and promenades


Enjoy the beaches, coves, seaside promenades and various sport activities.

The first sea bathing resort in Crikvenica was built in 1888, which marked the beginning of the development of organised tourism.

History and culture

This year, in 2012, Crikvenica is celebrating the 600th anniversary of its name.

Gastronomic and oenological offer

A hundred year tradition of catering and hotel industry is visible in the tastes and scents of Croatia’s national cuisine. Natural ingreediances from the sea and scarce fertile land combine into heavenly tastes. A hundred year health truism oasis has a rich coastal cuisine, with the emphasis on traditionally prepared food.

The simplicity of coastal life of former fishermen and inhabitants is visible in the simple food known as Crikvenica’s food.

Dog beach and hotel

Hiking trails and walking paths

A walk along the coast, through pine forest right by the sea, or through the green hinterland along well-tended footpaths and hiking trails, is another recreational activity worth pursuing here on Crikvenica Riviera. The areas of Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo, Selce, Novi Vinodolski and Vinodol offer seven interesting walking trails: the Waves Trail, the Karst and Sage Trail, the Cliff Trail, the Green Trail, the Heavenly Trail, the Roman Trail, and the Degenia Trail. More details about these trails are given on the hiking map that can be obtained in local tourist information centres.


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