Events on the Crikvenica – Vinodol Riviera

For the most selective romantics only

For the most selective romantics only

Romantic weekend escape at Boutique Hotel Esplanade!

Immerse yourself in an exquisite romantic weekend escape at Boutique Hotel Esplanade, where luxury meets love. 

While love should be celebrated throughout the entire year, in every month without exception, February has long established itself worldwide as the month of love. It is precisely during this time, when it's cold outside, that the hearts of the lovers are especially warm because in the middle of the month (14th of February), Valentine's Day is celebrated - the day of lovers. In fact, it is a holiday dedicated to St. Valentine, a saint surrounded by several legends, but at the centre of them all is - love. According to one of the more well-known legends, Priest Valentine secretly married numerous couples during a time when the emperor had forbidden engagements and weddings to his soldiers, reasoning that married or engaged men would not fight valiantly. Thanks to this heavenly patron of lovers and his holiday, we particularly celebrate love during February, expressing it to you by creating fantastic offers for the perfect romantic getaway with your loved one.

A weekend woven with pleasures

A romantic weekend getaway at Boutique Hotel Esplanade in Crikvenica is woven with pure pleasures: gastronomic, wellness, and musical, all to be enjoyed together. Start your winter day by the sea with a delightful breakfast, and after that, lose yourselves in the streets of Crikvenica, the Love Alley inspired by love stories, and the Mediterranean Love Labyrinth. Make sure to capture the perfect photograph in this romantic Kvarner destination that will have everyone on social media wishing they were you. By evening, you'll surely be hungry, and then begins a true feast for the palate - a culinary delight in four courses.

If you spent the first day exploring the area, on the second day, after breakfast, surrender yourselves to the pleasures of the SPA zone, which you and your loved one will have all to yourselves. Let the soothing ambiance of the sauna enhance your well-being and unwind your bodies. This weekend escape isn't just about relaxation; it's an embrace of hedonistic bliss. Enjoy a 20% discount on massages and treatments from our enticing wellness & spa selection. For those seeking an extra touch of magic, plan your romantic getaway on February 17th - 18th, and receive complimentary tickets to the Dalmatino group concert (on February 17th) at the City Sports Hall in Crikvenica. Revel in the joy of good music, creating timeless memories with your loved one. Because, after all, what better way to celebrate love than with a harmonious melody in the air?

In our romantic weekend getaways, which include the offerings mentioned above, you can indulge throughout the entire months of February and March, specifically from February 9th to March 29th, 2024. We have decided to extend the most romantic offer of the year into March to remind you once again that love should be celebrated and expressed throughout all months of the year, not just in February.