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Water Sports and attractions

Water Sports and attractions

Azure Adriatic sea on the Croatian coastline is a favorite vacation spot for holiday-goers from all over the world, especially during the warmer months of the year. 

No wonder, as it is one of the cleanest seas in the world, gentle and mild, with pleasant seasonal temperatures, and gorgeous natural beaches. If you find yourself visiting Crikvenica Riviera in late spring, summer, or early fall, take a stroll to the beach and enjoy one of many water sports and activities on offer.

Hotel & Annex Omorika and Hotel & Resort Ad Turres

The beaches in the vicinity offer a little bit for everyone, so you will easily find an activity catered to your mood.

Water sports like water skiing and parasailing are perfect for thrill seekers, water slide and aquapark guarantee fun for the whole family, while paddleboats, kayaks, and SUP boards offered at the nearby rental allow for some more relaxed exploration of the Crikvenica shoreline.

Hotel and Annex Slaven

Visit the most beautiful beach of the Crikvenica Riviera and enjoy many activities on offer, including a winding waterslide your kids will love to swoosh on, paddleboats ideal for reaching the best spots to dip into the sea, and a diving center offering scuba gear rental, courses, and guided diving spot tours.

Hotel Katarina and Elements Camping Selce

If you are on the hunt for some fun on the waves, your first stop should definitely be Watersport Center Selce. This is where you can sign up for a parasailing adventure alone or with up to three friends, rent a tube or a banana boat and hit the sea surface at high speeds, or rent a motorboat and set off to explore the Riviera.

Should you wish to dive under the waves, a nearby diving school offers courses for all skill levels, as well as gear and all the equipment needed to explore all the hidden coves and diving spots along the coastline.

Holiday Resort Kačjak

Kačjak peninsula offers gorgeous natural (and naturist) beaches, secluded spots, and coves to enjoy a summer day at the beach. Its namesake beach is the largest and this is where you will find numerous water sports and attractions, as well as a rental center offering paddleboats, beach canoes, kayaks, and much more.