Island of Krk

Island of Krk

Welcome to Krk, the largest Croatian island, located at the focal point of Kvarner bay. 

Discover the favorite holiday spot for Croatians and tourists from each corner of the world, with its lush vegetation including over 1400 plant species, its pristine beaches, charming towns, and gastronomic delights.

Settle in and enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful Kvarner. From the northeastern side of the island, see the green line of the coastline of mainland Croatia stretching as far as the eye can see. From the southwestern side gaze upon the Apsyrtides, the mythological archipelago with Cres and Lošinj islands and a multitude of islets surrounding them. And from the southern tip, the sunrises over Rab island are a treat for the early risers.

Time does not stand still here, but it does seem to take a gentler pace, intent to provide you with a chance to drink in the local way of life and gift you a true holiday for the body and the soul.

History and Culture

Krk has seen its share of rulers through the centuries of its long history.

The most important for its culture and customs was the mighty Frankopan family. Rising to power in the 12th century, the might of this noble house rivaled that of the European emperors of the period.

After their fall in the 15th century, many vied for this rich and strategically located island. Firstly it fell under the paws of the proud winged lion of Venetian La Serenissima. The French ruled it for a while until conceding it to the Austro-Hungarian empire. Then came Italy, then Germany, after which Krk became a part of Yugoslavia, finally emerging as a part of present-day Croatia after the tumultuous collapse of the republic.

No wonder it was sought after. Not only is Krk a rich and bountiful island with a gentle climate and fertile soil, but it has also always been a key strategic location at the center of Kvarner bay and the Northern Adriatic. A point that connects Istria to the Kvarner islands and beyond. The island and its inhabitants have quietly endured all the history had in store for them. Now it is your turn to discover its beauty.


Sport and Recreation

The gentle climate, beautiful nature, and excellent topography make Krk an ideal place to spend your holiday outdoors, enjoying your favorite activity. Whether it is hiking, scuba diving, cycling, paragliding, free-climbing, braving the zipline, or anything you could think of, Krk has the perfect spot for it.

There are wonders to discover if you follow the trails. Hop on the bicycle or don your hiking gear and visit the unique Moon plateau or one of the promontories from which the entire archipelago seems to be at your fingertips. Witness the majestic Griffon vultures at their habitat in Kuntrep, or follow the Educational trail to see the local wildlife and diverse flora.

Wonders are not confined to only the surface though. Dive into the depths at one of the diving spots and discover the magical underwater caves, cliffs, coves, and inlets teeming with life.



Wherever your path takes you, you can count on a beautiful beach waiting at the end of it. Rocky, pebbly or sandy, developed or wild, there are so many incredible spots to dip into the crystal Adriatic that you will be absolutely spoiled for choice.

Here are some of the most interesting ones:

Oprna (Stara Baška)

The most beautiful island beach is located near Stara Baška, in Oprna Bay. You can come close by car but be prepared for a bit of a hike through rocky terrain to reach the sea. The effort is worth it, though, as you will be greeted by the pristine sea and some beautiful views.


Sunset beach (Njivice)

This pebbly beauty with concrete sundeck is a great destination not only for a fun-filled day at the beach but also for enjoying a relaxing evening at the waterfront beach bar.

Vela plaža (Baška)

One of the most popular summer destinations on Krk, this two-kilometre-long beach is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, scuba rentals, and more. All sorts of fun activities are on offer here for parents and children. The beach is pebbly and sandy, filled with people during the season. Enjoy the summer vibes lounging under a parasol or go for a refreshing swim in the cool, clean sea.

Meline beach (Čižići)

It is quite a normal to see Meline beach filled with visitors even in the spring months, as the sun easily warms the shallow sea of the bay, making it perfect for a swim much before the air temperature reaches summer levels. The other reason this beach is very popular among locals and tourists is the medicinal mud covering the seabed. Whether you suffer from joint pain, want to enjoy a natural spa experience, or are just looking for a fun picture for your Instagram, Meline is the perfect place to visit.


Vrbnička Žlahtina

Fresh and light wine made with endemic Žlahtina grape is a treat whether you are enjoying it in Vrbnik, paired with some local prosciutto and sheep's cheese followed by a plate of fresh Adriatic fish, or at home, miles away from Krk.


Krk beekeeping tradition is a long and celebrated one, especially in its southeastern parts. The landscape around Baška and the nearby Prvić island gets draped in purple as gentle flowers of wild sage during May and June. The sweetest tasting and most prized honey is made from this lovely herb with many medicinal properties. Do not miss your chance to taste this modern-day ambrosia fit for Olympians. And bring some home with you, as its taste easily brings back many sweet memories.

Presnac cake

This tasty traditional dessert made with pastry and sheep's cheese is prepared in homes and restaurants all over Krk. Each household has its version of the recipe, and each will swear that theirs is the best. What is interesting though, is that they might all be right - as Presnac is a delight in each of its variations.

Lamb peka

Lamb prepared "under the bell" is slow cooked beneath the coal embers to mouth-watering perfection. Succulent and juicy, fork-tender meat and potatoes, seasoned with fragrant herbs is a delicacy that never fails to impress.

Olive oil

Olives from the ancient groves on Krk are to this day mostly hand picked and cold pressed into a most delightful, bright and vegetal olive oil named Oleum Liburnicum. This is not a mass produced ingredient, but a boutique product made with care and love, and sold in small quantities in the Krk shops.

To find out more about olive oil production, history, and tradition, join a thematic walking tour named "The Golden drops of Krk treasure". The trail will take you through picturesque Kornić and Vrh villages and the olive groves surrounding them, ending with an olive oil tasting at Nono House of Olive Oil, an atmospehric tavern and olive oil shop in the town of Krk.

Do not miss

Embark on el Camino

Krk is the first stop on the Croatian Camino route. 150 km long, the trail will take you all around the island and its holy places. The route starts in the town of Krk and ends at Kornić, on the hillside above Punat bay.

Stroll the Glagolitic trail

Glagolitic script is the reason why the Croatian language persevered, while foreign rulers tried to enforce the use of their languages on the population. The Glagolitic trail is a great opportunity to find out more about this 9th-century script, while also enjoying the natural beauty of the Krk landscape.

Discover the treasures of Košljun

Tiny island inside the Punat lagoon is home to a six-century-old Franciscan monastery, a museum and two churches. The museum houses interesting ethnographic and numismatic collections, while the monastery is best known for its library, showcasing books and incunabulas dating to 15th century, but also for its seashells and taxidermy collection. Košljun is an often overlooked but lovely daytrip location for anyone interested in Krk history.

Visit Vrbnik and taste the noble grape

The premier gastro destination of Krk offers a picturesque setting, some incredible views, and a glimpse of the island's rich history. The historic center of the town is located on a steep cliff, from where Vrbnik grew to envelop the coastline. Vineyards surrounding it are a promise of the treat that awaits in one of its many cellars, owned by the Žlahtina winemakers.

Awaken the spelunker within you at Biserujka

Located in the northern part of the island, Biserujka cave is a natural treasure that continues to amaye its visitors since it was discovered, more than 100 years ago.

Visit its many galleries, filled with stalactites and stalagmites, gaze upon the beautifully and naturally carved calcite pillars, and discover the remains of a 16,000 year old cave bear. Who knows, you might even find the smugglers treasure said to be hidden somewhere inside.

Enjoy the Krk Fair festivities

The town of Krk is the place to be during the peak of the summer season. Tourists and locals from all over Krk find their way to the bustling town for Lovrečeva fair, a 3-day event dating to the 16th century.

During the festivities, immerse yourself in history by visiting a medieval fair and witnessing a medieval tourney. Learn some fun facts about Krk tradition by watching a prosciutto cutting competition and other quirky events. Taste the local delicacies on offer, including Krk cheese, prosciutto, and traditional home-made pasta known as šurlice, all paired with a glass of superb Žlahtina wine.