Events on the Crikvenica – Vinodol Riviera

Pickleball spring event

Pickleball spring event

Invitation to a pickleball tournament, a sport conquering Croatia!

Do you know what pickleball is? And how it's played? What are its rules? Even if you don't know, it doesn't matter because you can soon find out everything in one place - in Crikvenica, on March 23, 2024. With the arrival of spring on the Crikvenica Riviera, various spring events traditionally "awaken", and this year, the season of many people's favorite time of year opens with something entirely new - the Pickleball Spring Event, or a pickleball tournament.

A sport that was "born" back in 1965 on Bainbridge Island in the state of Washington (USA) as a children's backyard game has become increasingly popular in Croatia in recent years. This is evidenced by the upcoming tournament that will gather fans of this sport from all over the world in the beloved Kvarner destination, as well as those who simply want to get to know this sport in which even Bill Gates regularly enjoys. But you don't have to be a billionaire to play it. All you need to bring with you to Crikvenica are comfortable shoes, good spirits, and a cheerful disposition.

If you enjoy tennis, table tennis, or badminton, you will most likely fall in love with pickleball. Although it resembles tennis and table tennis, pickleball has its own peculiarities. Firstly, it is less demanding than tennis, and therefore more suitable for a wider range of age groups. It is played with paddles (smaller than tennis rackets but larger than those for table tennis) and a firm plastic ball with a lower bounce than a tennis ball, which requires less strength for shots. It is played in pairs (singles) or fours (doubles) on a smaller court and has its own unique rules. It is equally loved by recreational players and tourists, children and seniors, and we are confident that you will love it too. See you in Crikvenica! 😊

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