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Inter Café - Crikvenica's Sweet Fairy Tale

Inter Café - Crikvenica's Sweet Fairy Tale

Visit the beautiful Inter cafe and try the famous frankopan cake!

What Demel or Café Sacher are to Vienna, Ladurée to Paris, or Confeitaria de Belém to Lisbon, Inter Café is to Crikvenica – a cult place with a long tradition in crafting the sweetest delights.

Ask any local in Crikvenica where to find the best homemade strudel or cake and they'll guide you to Inter Café, nostalgically recalling “kremšita” (cream cake) and "rigojanči" (chocolate cake) that drew them to Inter Café as children. According to locals, these childhood Flavors still bring them back regularly to this renowned town cafe. During your stay on the Crikvenica Riviera, don't miss the opportunity to visit this "factory of the sweetest delights," where your biggest dilemma will be deciding which pastry to choose.

One of them should undoubtedly be the unique "Frankopan Cake," still prepared there according to a 17th-century recipe, and it can only be tasted in that café. The ingredients and ratios remain the sweet secret of the pastry chefs who make it, but we'll reveal some: layers of puff pastry form the base of this cake, enriched with apricots or peaches from compote, rose water, almonds, cinnamon, cloves, raisins, rum...

After indulging in a slice of this sumptuous cake, which is listed as one of the authentic Crikvenica dishes, you might find yourself not needing dinner. Give it a try and let us know if we were right.