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Wow Accommodation for Your Furry Companions

Wow Accommodation for Your Furry Companions

Receive enthusiastic woofs at the mention of Hotel Katarina in the picturesque town of Selce.

If you were to ask your four-legged companion about the perfect destination and accommodation for a vacation they'd love to spend with you, you would undoubtedly receive enthusiastic woofs (probably more than one) at the mention of Hotel Katarina in the picturesque town of Selce on the Crikvenica Riviera.

Besides being a favourite among tourists, this riviera has also gained popularity as a pet-friendly destination for furry friends, thanks to its well-maintained dog-friendly beaches, with Monty's Dog Beach and Bar standing out as a globally renowned hotspot. This uniquely designed beach features a bar that not only offers refreshments for the owners but also provides drinks and various treats for dogs. It hosts a range of activities and events that both dogs and their owners can take part in. Located just two kilometres from the pet-friendly Hotel Katarina, it's where the true hedonism begins for your furry bundle of joy.

For those moments of relaxation after an exciting day, guests can look forward to anatomical faux leather beds. In the modern and non-slip bamboo bowl, their furry friends will undoubtedly be delighted by handcrafted tasty biscuits without preservatives, additives, or flavour enhancers. Additionally, there are dehydrated Adriatic fish snacks, a low-fat protein treats that both dogs and cats will equally enjoy. We are confident that dog owners among you will also be thrilled with lemon and lavender scented pet wipes for removing dirt and odours from their pets and textiles. A real hit is the Pet Secret Aromatherapy soap for paw cleaning and care, which effectively removes dirt after walks and outdoor adventures. It's truly worth every cent, considering it's made with 100% pure tea tree and lemongrass essential oils known for their antibacterial properties, African shea butter for skin regeneration, and oat rich in avenanthramides that act as both anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidants. In the hotel, you will also receive waste bags, and the hosts will gladly provide you with ideas for spending a perfect day on the Riviera with your most faithful companion.

Isn't that just woooow"?