Crikvenica has a long historic tradition. It was mentioned way back in Roman times as settlement Ad Tures. After that we can date the name Crikvenica to 1412 when the Grand Duke Nikola Frankopan had the Assumption of the Virgin Mary church restored, after which Crikvenica was named. A monastery was also built next to the church and the Grand Duke donated it to the monks of the order of St Paul the Hermit. This monastery is the nucleus of the future town Crikvenica . The development of Crikvenica was always tightly connected to this monastery when the old town centre was located on the hill Kotor. Most of the population moved closer to the sea after the great fire in 1776.

The preserved Deed of Gift that was issued by the Grand Duke Nikola Frankopan IV, on the 14th of August 1412, is the oldest written testimony of the name Crikvenica, so this date was declared Crikvenica Day.

This year, in 2012, Crikvenica is celebrating the 600th anniversary of its name.

Crikvenica can boost about its 120 year long tourism tradition. The year 1888 is considered to be the start of organised tourism in Crikvenica, as it is the year in which the first sea baths were built. In 1893, Crikvenica was already considered a tourist health resort with two hotels. Apart from numerous hotels, Crikvenica now offers a wide range of restaurants, café bars, shops, tourist agencies, health centres, sport, promenades, culture, art, aquarium and a mini tourist train.


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