Health tourism

A hundred years ago, Crikvenica’s potential was recognized by European guests who started visiting this area in search for a place for rest and recuperation. Because of its extremely favourable climate of mild winters and moderate warm summers, favourable air currents, a mix of sea and mountain air, clean air rich in aerosols and coves with clean and shallow waters, in 1906 Crikvenica was proclaimed a health sea bathing resort.

The recognized values of balinotherapy, climatotherapy and thalassotherapy contributed to the development of a number of health centres of which Thalassotherapija is the most significant.

The predecessor of Thalassotherapia was the fist health sanatorium for sick children from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today, Thalassoterapia is a modern medical centre that combines the methods of thalassotherapy with modern medicine and is achieving extraordinary results in the treatment of respiratory illnesses and rheumatism. This institution also has a Baromedicine policlinic Oxy.

Apart from Thalassotherapia, there is the Policlinic Katunar, with a tourist surgery and Terme Selce, physical therapy and sport rehabilitation centre that also treat repertory illnesses.

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